Perhaps, having done the pregnancy hCG strip test, you have confirmed that you are pregnant, or you got to know after a consultation with your doctor, the next big question that comes to mind is ‘when am I due?’ While an answer termed an estimated due date is usually provided by a gynaecologist or your general medical practitioner, it is quite interesting to know that computer programs, often referred to as ‘pregnancy calculator’, ‘pregnancy confirm calculator’, or ‘pregnancy due date calculator’ have been developed to answer that question, in such a way that, the answer produced by such computer program matches the one provided by your gynaecologist.

However, the way such computer programs could predict the due date that matches the ‘estimated due date’ predicted by a gynaecologist therefore leaves one in awe. It should however be noted that the mechanism or basic principle on which such computer program is based, is quite similar to the basic medical principle employed by your doctor in providing an estimated due date.

Here is how it works!

The basic medical principle on which a pregnancy calculator works is such that, having supplied the date of your last menstrual period (LMP), three months is subtracted from the first day of your last menstrual period, then seven (7) days are added to it, this gives the ‘estimated due date’. Therefore, in programming, the programmer programs such that the program requests for the date of the last menstrual period and subtracts three months, followed by an addition of seven days, to display an ‘estimated due date’.

Take for instance, if your last menstrual period began on April 10th. On entering this information into the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) field on request of the computer program, the program goes on to subtract three months from the supplied date, which gives January 10th, followed by an addition of seven days, which eventually gives January 17th as the estimated due date (displayed instantly on the screen or sent to the email you supplied).

However, it should be noted that more often than not, the estimated due date calculated does not always turn out to be the date of delivery, as the actual delivery could take place a week or two before or after the estimated due date. This is because; the gestation period lasts from about 38 weeks to 40 weeks, which as such, obscures the possibility of an accurate date of delivery prediction.

Also, this system of predicting the due date, works better for people with a regular menstrual cycle and those who noted the date the last menstrual period (LMP) started. Therefore, with a knowledge of how the pregnancy calculator works, you would find it easier to either calculate your estimated due date or understand the principle your gynaecologist or general medical practitioner has employed in predicting the estimated due date. If however, you did not notice the start of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP), due to an irregular menstrual cycle, your general medical practitioner or gynaecologist would employ other methods to detect the stage of pregnancy you are in and the number of weeks you have been pregnant, such test include: Ultrasound scan, measurement of the height of your fundus and detection of the first fetal heartbeat.

Pregnancy Calculator, How Many Weeks Am I?

As soon as the doctor confirms you are pregnant the first question that comes to your mind is, “how far am I?”. It is important to be up to date with months, weeks and days of your pregnancy. Today, things have become easier and faster. You can access a pregnancy calculator online that will help you keep track of time by giving you information that includes the day, week, month and trimester that you are in.

How do you know you are pregnant?

As soon as you notice you have missed your periods or you think you might be pregnant, you can get a home pregnancy test kit. This can be purchased over the counter at a very affordable price. This is usually a urine test. You pee on it then wait for some minutes to get the result. If you see one red line, it means that you are not pregnant. Two red lines mean you are pregnant.

After this, you might want to visit a doctor to confirm if you are truly pregnant.

How do you know how far along you are?

It is almost impossible to tell without a doubt when you conceived. Many doctors will use your last menstrual period(LMP) to estimate how far along you are. You will be asked when your last monthly period started. This date will be considered as the first moment of pregnancy.

However, some women prefer to tally their pregnancy from their ovulation day date. This gives a mother the expected date of conception which is usually fourteen days after last menstrual period. In this case, the woman whose first day of conception is considered to be her LMP is two weeks advance along in her pregnancy. Therefore, the doctor will reveal that you are pregnant two weeks longer than you are.

What is a pregnancy calculator?

This calculator calculates how far along you are by allowing you to enter your first date of LMP and the average length of your periods. This calculator calculates how far along you are. In this case, you do not need to visit a doctor to know how far along you are. You can easily access these pregnancy calculators online.

How does a pregnancy calculator work?

In every menstrual cycle there are 5 days for ovulation which is usually 14 days before your period.  Using this information and the one you provided, it can calculate how far along you are and your due date.

What if I have a sporadic menstrual cycle?

This method of calculation works best for people with regular periods of 28 days each. If you have sporadic flow, chances are you do not remember the date of your LMP. To be more exact, you can wait for your first ultrasound filter (dating check). The sonographer will consider your child’s crown posterior length(CRL). This will enable him/her to give a thought on how far along you are.

The pregnancy calculator is a great tool to use. It is convenient and private. However, visit your gynecologist always for any questions.

Pregnancy Calculator – Due Date Conception Calculator

Pregnancy Calculator – Due Date Conception Calculator

A due date calculator is really a simple tool and one which many mothers are now using. These can help determine when the baby is due and really it might just enable you to start thinking about your finances too. People really don’t give their finances a lot of thought when it comes to their pregnancies and yet it’s vital. It’s time you started to think about more than just the pregnancy.

Know Your Due Date

Anyone can use the pregnancy calculator so that they can determine a few things. For many new mothers, it’s really a useful tool and you cannot blame them for using it either. However, what about your finances? Are your finances in the best shape possible? Unfortunately, finances can get messy and when you are trying to plan for the future, money is put to the back of the list. However, you really need to think about this just as much as when the baby is due. You need to be able to start taking steps towards putting your finances in the right place. It might seem a bit unnecessary but things can be improved upon. Little steps will help to fix your finances in a big way.

Pregnancy Calculator – Due Date Conception Calculator

It’s Time to Start saving For the Future

Preparing for the future is really important. You can use the due date calculator to determine when the baby is due but you can also use it to help you understand where you are in life. How good are your finances? These are the things you have to think about so that when the time comes, you are all prepared and ready for the baby. People don’t think about costs when they are having a baby and yet it can be very important. Parents need to get their finances in order so that their children are given the best start in life.

Don’t Leave Saving for the Baby’s Future until It’s Too Late

While you want to focus on your baby, money can be also an important factor. Yes, money comes next to the baby but if your finances aren’t in order, everything can go a little wrong before you know it! It’s not what you want because it’s supposed to be a stress free time. You really need to think about looking into a pregnancy calculator and getting your head on the right way. It’s going to be so important to start preparing for the future and the baby really wants calmness!

Taking Responsibility

When you have a baby on the way, you have to change your entire thinking process simply because there’s a baby to think about! However, while it’s necessary to know when the baby is due, you also need to think about the costs and getting your finances in order. If your finances aren’t in order things can be made a lot more difficult. It’s really quite important to ensure things ran as smoothly as possible. The due date calculator can be a very useful tool and one you should some thought over too.

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Online Pregnancy Calculator – Facts You Need To Know

Online Pregnancy Calculator – Facts You Need To Know

Do you really think about using percentage calculator tools when you’re expecting? To be honest, most expectant mothers are only concentrating on the new addition and, unfortunately, money matters get put to one side. While it’s very important to concentrate on the baby, it’s also very important to think about the future and budgeting for when the child comes along. Being one or two people at home is one thing, but having another is very different and things will get tight! That is why you have to know when the baby is due as well as be prepared for the road ahead.

Use a Pregnancy Calculator Online

For those who want to confirm their pregnancy, as well as know when the baby is due, an online pregnancy or due date calculator is ideal. It is a very simple tool that helps to calculate when the baby is due. For most mothers it can be a weight off their mind and it essentially enables them to start planning ahead. Despite what you might think, using the due date or pregnancy calculator can kick-start many parents’ finances. Parents will soon understand that now is the time to start making financial plans for the future and learning a lot more about the state of their finances too. It’s not always something people think about, but with a baby on the way it’s crucial.


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Online Pregnancy Calculator – Facts You Need To Know

It’s Easy To Use and Can Help You Start Saving

Let’s say your baby is due in December but you haven’t really started to think about how your household budget will change, now is the time to start your thinking. You could use the percentage calculator to understand how much (percentage) of your pay check is left after the routine bills. When you know this amount you know how much will be left over to spend on the necessities for the child and what, if any, is left over for savings. Mothers and fathers really need to think about this so that their children are given the best start in life. A little thinking does go a long way and if the finances are a bit tight, steps may be taken to ease some financial burdens before the baby is due. You can start saving for the years ahead.

Finances Are Important To Think About Today

No one really wants to think about money during their pregnancy and yet it’s important. Strange as it seems but every expectant parent needs to know about their due date as well as think about financial changes. You can use the pregnancy calculator to know the due date for the baby and it gives you a little thought as to how you should start saving. You can use the pregnancy calculators and then the budgeting calculators after. It’s really useful and, in truth, finances are important now and forever.

Enjoy Your Special Day

Putting financial worries to one side, having a baby is magical and it can be one of the most special and unique times within a woman’s life. Getting to know when the baby is due is really quite important so that you are ready mentally and physically as well also being financially ready. Enjoy this moment, it’s going to be painful but wonderful! Use the due date calculator and know when the baby is due.

How to Use a Pregnancy Calculator

How to Use a Pregnancy Calculator

There are many who don’t think about using a pregnancy calculator, but why not? These are calculators which can confirm a pregnancy as well as maybe kick-start your mind into thinking about finance. OK, so finance might not be as important to an expectant mother as something about the baby but it can still be an important factor to consider. Having a baby is amazing but there are additional expenses and when your finances aren’t in good order, things can get a bit more stressful. Isn’t it time you used a pregnancy calculator?

How Pregnancy Calculators Work?

To use one of these pregnancy calculators is very easy. You will need to input a few simple facts about your periods and symptoms you’re experiencing and you’ll get the answers you want. When you have confirmed the pregnancy and know when the baby is due it’s time to get your head on straight and start thinking about your finances. For most, it’s not something they actually think about now and it’s not hard to see why but it’s important. You need to be sure of your finances. You could use a due date calculator to confirm when the baby is due here to read more information.

How to Use a Pregnancy Calculator

Why A Calculator Make The Pregnancy More Real?

Confirming the happy news can be important for a host of reasons and it does make things feel a little more real. However, that’s really quite crucial for many parents as it’s time to get them prepared for the event. What’s more, it’s time to get the finances fixed out before the baby arrives. Parents can start to budget for the new monthly costs as well as figure out how much can be saved per month and what monies are left over too. These might not seem important now when you are just confirming your pregnancy and yet it’s something to give some serious consideration over. The pregnancy calculator can be your first tool to getting your head into the right gear.

Learning to Budget

When you use the due date calculator you can start getting ready for the event. It can be really wise to learn how to budget, as well as how to spread the money out so that the most important items are covered and any extra money can be used wisely. It’s really quite important as it’ll help to ensure the baby’s expenses are covered and there is money left over to put away into savings. There are so many who don’t often think about this and yet it’s crucial. It’ll make all the difference.

A Stress Free Time

When you have confirmed your pregnancy and know your due date, it’s time to get your finances in order before the baby arrives. This is quite wise to do simply because things should be nice and calm and stressful for the baby. A lot of parents get a bit panicked when their finances aren’t in order so it’s worth  taking some time out to ensure they’re right. Use the pregnancy calculator today and be sure.


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